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9th June 2024
10:00am - 6:00pm
The Great Escape, Grimsby UK

What is AetherPunk28?

Aetherpunk28 is a post apocalyptic Wizard skirmish game where colleges of Wizards battle one another in the ruins of their world, fighting over what little magic is left after the end of the world.

From the absolute idiots who brought you Turnip on the Docks, we humbly present AETHERFEST, the world’s first Aetherpunk28 event!

Aetherfest brings the magical chaos of Haggerland to the East coast. Join the search for Erudite, fix your wand bayonets, and be ready.

About The Great Escape

The Great Escape is a community workspace, that feeds passions, builds a sense of pride and boosts confidence for people who might be struggling.

It is also home to The Dice Factory, hobby workshops that support positive mental well-being, and the reason why The Great Escape was the only location considered for Aetherfest.

Please be aware that The Great Escape is located on Grimsby Docks, which is a working dock. Caution should be taken when crossing roads and moving around the docks.

Grimsby Docks and The Great Escape are an alcohol-free zone.

Smoking and Vaping is allowed OUTSIDE the building only.

Learn more about The Great Escape.

Places to Stay in Grimsby & Cleethorpes

There are many places to stay in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area, however we recommend the following hotels:

St James Hotel

St. James Square,


DN31 1EP


Town Centre location

Short Walk from Grimsby Town Station

1.6miles from The Great Escape


Book a Room at St James Hotel

Holiday Inn Express

3-9 Wellowgate,


DN32 0RA


Close to Town Centre

Next to Grimsby Town Station

1.8miles drive from The Great Escape


Book a Room at Holiday Inn Express.

Humber Royal Hotel

Little Coates Road


DN34 4LX


3miles drive from The Great Escape


Book a Room at the Humber Royal Hotel.

Premier Inn Grimsby

Appian Way

Europa Park


DN31 2UT

Just off the A180


2.1 miles from The Great Escape


Book a Room at Premier Inn Grimsby.


This Premier Inn hosts the local Brewers Fayre which can be found here:


The Haven.

Megs Island Guesthouse

9 Isaacs Hill


DN35 8JU


Close to the centre of Cleethorpes

2.3miles from The Great Escape.


Book a Room at Megs Island Guesthouse.

Premier Inn Cleethorpes

Meridian Point


DN35 0PN


Close to Cleethorpes seafront and entertainment

4.0 miles from The Great Escape.


Book a Room at Premier Inn Cleethorpes.



Places to Eat in Grimsby & Cleethorpes

We will have hot and cold drinks and snacks available at The Great Escape for a small charge (cash and card payments accepted).



You are welcome to bring a packed lunch, however, if you would like something more substantial, The Great Escape will offer sandwiches and panini’s for a small charge.



If you would like something different, you will find directions on the map below to the usual chain eateries that are within driving distance, such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway etc. However, a personal recommendation from us would be to try out Mockingbird. Part of Docks Beers, our local brewery in a stunning historical Church, Mockingbird serves a menu including chicken tenders where everything is available as a Mock (Vegan) alternative. 


The Great Escape is located on Grimsby Docks. The Docks is accessible from the A180 and A16, and we recommend using the map to the left for full directions.

Arrival on Grimsby Docks

Grimsby Docks is owned and secured by ABP, and you will need to pass through the Security Gates to enter the docks.


If you are stopped,  simply tell Security that you are visiting The Great Escape and they will let you through. They may ask for photo ID; a valid driving licence is enough.


They will also be able to offer directions, if you are unsure where to go.


There are plenty of parking bays across the street from The Great Escape. Please try not to park in the car park next door to the building, as this belongs to Alfred Enderby Smokehouse. 


Caution should be taken when crossing the road, as the area is within a working dock.


The whole downstairs of The Great Escape has been designed with accessibility in mind, and as such is accessible to wheelchairs, including a disabled toilet.