Aetherfest 2024 Tickets


Sun, 9th June 2024 10:00 – 18:00 GMT

The Great Escape, 1 Auckland Road
Grimsby, DN31 3RP

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ABOUT AETHERFEST:Aetherpunk28 is a post apocalyptic Wizard skirmish game where colleges of Wizards battle one another in the ruins of their world, fighting over what little magic is left after the end of the world.From the absolute idiots who brought you Turnip on the Docks, we humbly present AETHERFEST, the world’s first Aetherpunk28 event!

LOCATION:The Great Escape, Grimsby Docks 1 Auckland Rd, Grimsby DN31 3RP

PARKING/ACCESS:There are plenty of parking bays across the street from The Great Escape. Please try not to park in the car park next door to the building, as this belongs to Alfred Enderby Smokehouse. Caution should be taken when crossing the road, as the area is within a working dock.

RULES FORMAT:We’re playing with the most up to date Aetherpunk28 rules as of 1st Jun 2024, currently V1.0. If this changes we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

NUMBER OF GAMES:5 – Mixed scenarios. A player pack with scenario-specific details will be sent out closer to the event.

SIZE OF GAMES:A legal 50-shilling list chosen from one of the College Rosters in the rulebook (or the Spellbound Gazette).This is a friendly event and we strongly encourage people to bring wacky and enjoyable lists. We are aiming to have a couple of downstairs tables for some Aethertonks at lunch, so feel free to bring along a Tonk/Arcane Engine (more info in the player pack).

WHAT TO BRING: – An assembled college. We aren’t asking for show forces, if it’s assembled and based, we’ll accept it. Paint is a bonus! Although there will be prizes for the coolest college, these will not necessarily be judged on painting ability alone. – Dice, Tape measures and a copy of your college rules for reference.

ACCOMMODATION: There are a number of options available if you need to stay overnight. We have two Premier Inns nearby (in Grimsby and Cleethorpes), a Holiday Inn express, several hotels depending on your budget, and a large number of B&Bs in Cleethorpes. Check out our webpage for more information.

FOOD: The Great Escape will have lunch available on the day, as well as hot/cold drinks and snacks, all for a small price, and accept cash and card. McDonalds, KFC and Subway are all a short drive away, however for a personal recommendation, check out Mockingbird which is a 5-minute drive away. They offer both chicken and mock versions of their full menu, and are to-die-for. Directions for all can be found on our webpage.

HOW THE DAY WILL RUN: Doors open at 10:00 for player registration, with the aim to start at 10:45. We’ll break for lunch around 13:00, and announce results at 18:00.

REFUNDS: We will do our best to help if your circumstances change and you can’t attend. No refund can be processed after 26th May 2024.