Silicone Moulding

Creativity is at the heart of our business, and we love supporting the creativity of other small businesses.

One of the biggest challenges creative small businesses face is knowing how to turn their product ideas into a reality. If you want to make products such as soaps, wax melts, chocolate, candles, jewellery, and stained glass, you will probably be hyper-aware that you need moulds to make anything.

There are a lot of silicone moulds available commercially from various sources, which is fine as a start point. However, if you want to grow your business and are fully of creative ideas, then you might find yourself looking outside of the traditional availability. This is especially so if you are looking to create a business that isn’t a carbon copy of other similar businesses, but want to put yourself on a different footing.

Ideas might include:

  • Cute or Quirky Characters
  • Branded Soaps
  • Local/Iconic Landmarks
  • Chocolate with Words, such as Quotes

But why collaborate with a 3D Printing business to create the master for your silicone moulding?

It’s a great questions, and one we absolutely understand. So, we wanted to explore some of the benefits you might find from working with us on your silicone moulding:

  1. Design Freedom: 3D printing provides full freedom for designers. Unlike traditional manufacturing techniques that often impose constraints, 3D printing allows you to push boundaries or even erase them entirely. We are able to create designs that are often too intricate for other manufacturing methods. Not only that, if a design doesn’t already exist for what you are looking for, our Director Chris is a Graphic Designer and he is more than happy to work with you to create your perfect design.
  2. Rapid Prototyping: 3D printing enables quick iteration and prototyping. You can rapidly create and test different designs before committing to the final version. This agility accelerates the product development process and reduces time-to-market. Rapid Prototyping is also great if you are not 100% certain what you are looking for, and/or want to try different ideas before choosing the best one for your needs.
  3. Customisation: With 3D printing, we can easily customise each master for silicone moulds. Whether it’s adjusting dimensions, adding intricate details, or incorporating unique features, the flexibility of 3D printing allows for personalised solutions. This is useful if you are looking for similar designs, with little details that might be different without the burden of excessive costs.
  4. Complex Geometries: Traditional moulds often struggle with intricate shapes and undercuts. 3D printing can handle complex geometries effortlessly, ensuring that your master accurately represents what you are looking for.
  5. Reduced Tooling Costs: Creating moulds using traditional methods involves expensive tooling, such as CNC machining or injection moulding. 3D printing eliminates the need for costly moulds, which reduces the upfront expenses for you, as the customer – woohoo!
  6. Iterative Refinement: As you test your silicone molds, you may identify areas for improvement. 3D printing allows you to iterate and refine the master design without significant additional costs. You might be getting the picture, but 3D printing can save you a lot of money!
  7. Lightweight and Efficient Designs: 3D-printed masters can be optimised for weight and material efficiency. This is especially valuable when designing moulds for large-scale production.

So, if you still aren’t sure whether to or not, collaborating with a 3D printing business for silicone mould masters provides flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to create intricate designs efficiently. So, if these are your top priorities for your next project, send us a message and let’s work together to make something great.

Do you make Masters for Silicone Moulding?

Yes, we do make Masters for Silicone Moulding. This can be done two ways:

1. You provide us with an STL file (that you have purchased or designed yourself), and we will print it for you.
2. Work with us to design the perfect Master, and we’ll use our 3D design skills to create the perfect piece which we will then 3D print for you.

Do you make the Silicone Moulds?

Yes, this is a service we can absolutely provide for you. You can either:

1. Provide the masters for us to create the Moulds
2. We 3D print the Master for you (see above FAQ question regarding Masters), and use that to create the Silicone Mould for you.

Can we add writing to the 3D design?

Absolutely. Resin 3D printing offers a great deal of detail, and that includes lettering, so if you want to add your business name or a quote or perhaps even a name, we can do that for you.

Businesses We Have Collaborated with on Silicone Moulds and Masters