Medieval Marginalia Cannon 3D Printed (STL or Physical)


Purchase the 3D printed Medieval Marginalia Cannon (STL or Physical), designed exclusively by Tidewater 3D Printing for Turnip28, Aetherpunk28 or any other miniatures agnostic wargame.

Choose either a Physical 3D Print or a downloadable STL file to print at home of the Medieval Marginalia Cannon.

Includes bonus Wand Variant Barrel.

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Step into a world where imagination meets warfare with our Medieval Marginalia Cannon STL file. Inspired by the whimsical yet strategic world of tabletop gaming, this exquisitely detailed cannon brings a touch of medieval marvel to your gaming table, and is perfectly at home in games such as Turnip28, Aetherpunk28, or any other miniatures-agnostic wargame you might play.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 3D-printable cannon captures the essence of the Turnip28 universe, blending intricate marginalia designs with the power of a formidable war machine. Each scroll, flourish, and embellishment tell a story, adding depth and character to your gaming experience.

Designed for ease of printing at home, this STL file allows you to create a stunning tabletop accessory that seamlessly integrates with your gaming terrain. Whether defending your stronghold or launching an assault, this cannon is a must-have addition for any gaming enthusiast seeking to elevate their gameplay.

Unleash creativity and strategic prowess as you bring this Medieval Marginalia Cannon to life, bridging the gap between art and gaming in a truly unique way. Embrace the past, envision the future, and conquer the tabletop battlefield with this remarkable creation.


Details about Physical Print:

After purchasing, you will receive all of the 3D printed parts to build your own Medieval Marginalia Cannon.  The kit comes with all four barrel variants currently sold. Crew models are not included.


Details about Digital STL File:

After purchasing, you will receive an STL file. You will not receive a physical Cannon.

The zip folder will include unsupported and pre-supported versions of all the necessary files.

Please note that you can download the file as many times as you like, however, the link will expire 90 days after purchase. If you wish to download it after this time, you must purchase another file.

These are licensed for personal use ONLY. 


Digital STL File, Physical Print