Individual 25mm Movement Trays (3D Printed)


Designed for 25mm round bases – if you need a different size or shape, get in touch with us!

Choose a tray that fits 4, 6,8 or 12 25mm bases; and available in three different shapes: Diamond (4 only), Wedge (6 and 12 only), and Row (6, 8 and 12)


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These Movement Trays have been designed exclusively by Tidewater 3D Printing with a unique hex-based shape intended to tessellate.

These custom-designed movement trays are perfect for organising your miniatures during war games and tabletop battles. Crafted with precision using 3D printing technology, these trays provide a convenient way to move and display your 25mm round-based models. Whether you’re playing Turnip28 or any other wargame, these trays enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Construction: Made from durable materials, these trays can withstand the rigours of gaming sessions.
  • Multiple Sizes: Choose from six different sizes to accommodate your specific needs:
    • 4-diamond: Ideal for small skirmish units.
    • 6-wedge: Perfect for medium-sized squads.
    • 12-wedge: Suitable for larger groups.
    • 6-row: Great for organising ranks of miniatures.
    • 8-row: Versatile for various unit formations.
    • 12-row: Spacious enough for horde armies.
  • Easy Assembly: The trays are designed for hassle-free assembly, allowing you to quickly slot in your miniatures.
  • Magnet-Friendly: If you prefer using magnets to secure your models, these trays are designed to take a 5x2mm magnet, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Customisable: Feel free to add terrain details, base-topping rocks, or texture coats to the top surface for a personalised touch.

4-Tray Diamond, 6-Tray Wedge, 12-Tray Wedge, 6-Tray Row, 8-Tray Row, 12-Tray Row