D12 Dodecahedron Stained Glass Mould 3D-Printed


Please Note: These moulds are from PLA filament, which is a type of plastic. As with most plastics, the moulds are susceptible to melting when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, we would recommend avoiding soldering directly onto the moulds.

Instead, we would recommend removing the glass pieces from the mould whilst soldering.

When you place the glass pieces back in place on the moulds, you may notice some slight burning, however will not affect how functional the moulds are. Any minor marks can be sanded out, to return the mould to a smooth condition.

We will not accept any returns or offer refunds on moulds that are damaged from soldering.

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Crafted from high-quality PLA filament, this meticulously designed mould is the brainchild of Tidewater 3D, ensuring both durability and precision in your creations.

Our 3D printed mould boasts a unique design engineered to simplify the soldering process for D12 shapes, guaranteeing flawless angles every time.

Please note: While our mould excels in aiding your soldering endeavours, handling it with care is essential. The plastic construction may be susceptible to heat from soldering irons, so avoid direct contact between the iron and the mould.

We advise using the mould solely for tacking glass pieces together for optimal results. When soldering seams, ensure you work on a heat-resistant, flat surface to achieve seamless lines.

In the event of accidental damage or surface irregularities, a light sanding session will swiftly restore your mould to its pristine condition, ready to assist in your stained glass endeavours once more.